Tools for Teachers—Loupes

T_29915_2The jeweler’s loupe, we’ve all admired their unique design, and enjoyed the feeling of importance it confers on a jeweler or artisan, but did you ever consider what loupes could do for you in the classroom?
While they are very beautifully and efficiently designed pieces of professional equipment, they are much less expensive than you may think! Online retailers like offer a selection of loupes at incredibly reasonable prices. Whether you’re teaching classes on jewelry-making, gemology, or geology (at any level), a loupe can be a valuable educational tool.

Can you imagine how your Middle or High School students’ minds will race when they not only encounter minerals in the lab, but they don’t have to wait in line forever to look at that sliver of silica under the microscope? You can seriously impact your classroom time by integrating loupes into your curriculum.

Professional-grade round and hexagonal loupes can be found for as little as $20, but the real surprise are the 10x magnification loupes available in gold, silver, or black, for just $10 each! If when building your classroom budget, you allot just $50 for loupes, affix them to lanyards labeled for your classroom, and make them available to your students, they’ll more than pay for themselves in recovered instructional time, and excitement! How much easier will those exams requiring rock and mineral identification go if every student has a loupe? A lot!

You needn’t limit their uses, either. Biology, Paleontology, and Chemistry students would also benefit from being able to see their specimens with greater clarity.

Of course, if you’re teaching jewelry-making, that is where a loupe is invaluable. Even if your students are not working with gemstones, they will greatly appreciate the ease loupe magnification affords them when working in very small scale. Applications for loupes in the arts abound, glassmaking, mosaics, reproductions, every area could benefit from the use of the loupe!

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